How to Write a Powerful Article for Your Business

How to Write a Powerful Article for Your Business? Articles can work for any business, anytime and anywhere. Articles can be written once and can remain on the Internet forever. You are duplicating your marketing efforts over and over again. Article marketing is actually called by some as ?Smart Marketing? and should be employed by anybody looking to make an impact on the Internet.

Article marketing can take on a viral state. They can be viewed, re-read and shared among the hundreds of Social Media platforms currently out there. If you can write good content and write in a style that engages your audience you will become even more successful. Article writing has many advantages in marketing so much so that it would be ludicrous to simply ignore it. Any person coming online that wants to make money should consider the joys of writing articles for their business. Not only it is very cost effective but it?s also easy to find the audiences you are looking through various article submission sites and of course your own blogging presence.

How to Write a Powerful Article for Your Business

how to write a powerful article for your businessGood writing can capture the imagination of the reader and compel them to take action. The beautiful thing about writing is that you don?t have to be an ?expert author? to win the hearts and minds of your target audience or pool of prospects.

All good articles carry within them a sound writing structure, and if you can learn this structure, you are 90% there. The rest will be knowledge of your subject matter and the flow of your sentences. This post will provide you with structure and some useful tips that you can use:

Your Title is Everything
You will first need to know what you are going to write about. What is the topic, product or business idea going to be about? Your topic has to be interesting to you if you are going to write a good article about it. It?s so much easier to write about something you want to write about than write about something that makes you yawn half way through. If you lose interest guess what? So will your audience. When writing your articles you will need to place a catchy title on them to get them noticed. You can find out what works for other writers or just understand your audience better. What are they really after? Fashion a title around that need so that you can attract their full attention to your writing.

Make the Search Engines Love You!
The correct Keywords create favorable search engine results for your material to be seen by multiples of people. Always make a habit of writing out some keywords that are perfect for what you are trying to market before you start to include them in your writing. There are free tools online that can help you create lists of relevant words such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Make Your Audience Love You ? Give Them What They Want!
Who are you writing to? Are they familiar with your ideas already? Do they know about your industry and if so what level of knowledge do you think they are at? If you are writing about ?Online Marketing?, are your readers going to know about it? Are they new, experienced or experts? Once you know this type of information you can adjust the details and tone of your communication to suit them and by doing so, you will engage them more.

Don?t Lose Your Audience ? Know Your Topic!
If you don?t know what you are talking about your audience will instantly pick up on it. Depending on the knowledge level of your audience you may need to study up on your chosen topic. You want to come across very familiar with your area of interest. The more you do this, the more reputable you will become.

Engage, Excite ? Don?t Bore!
Articles can go on for hundreds and in some cases thousands of words, however, in order to maintain interest and keep your audience engaged, we recommend that you keep your articles to a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 700 or 800 words. Anything over this may cause your reader to lose interest and cause them to select another time to read it. This in most cases never happens!

Structure Your Article for Success
Your introduction should state a fact about your industry and introduce the purpose of your article. Don?t get specific here, just keep it general, specifics will come throughout the body of the article. The introduction should only be a short paragraph and should lead into the body of your article. Here you will discuss your specifics.

The body of your article should be broken into further paragraphs, each one talking about a separate point or area you mentioned briefly in your introduction. Each opening sentence in each paragraph should open with what you are going to speak about in that paragraph. It?s really simple!

Once you?ve completed your body paragraphs, you need to tie your article together. This is done by garnishing it with a conclusion. You can make this similar in length to your introduction but do not use the same wording. Your conclusion should state that your previous points establish your perspective or argument and that the best solution now is to take action!

The Magic of the Resource Box
By completing the resource box in your article floor you?ll be able to provide a small business description of yourself and provide a link to your site. The more articles you have the more of your links are out there on the web for millions of viewers to see, click and hopefully take action. Your resource box can produce magical results!

Be Your Own Editor – Proofread
Read your article out loud to yourself and make sure that there are no missed words, additional words, misspellings or grammatical errors. If you are unsure about using correct grammar, you can easily Google ?basic writing grammar? and you will get tones of information on it.

Tying the Bow on Your Article
Read your article out loud again and this time, pay attention to how smooth each sentence reads. If you have to stop and think about understanding a particular sentence, you need to make it more flowing. Keep it simple and don?t complicate your sentences with unnecessary words, phrases or punctuation.

Release Your Work to the World
You can now upload you work to your blog or submit it to some of the Article Directories. You are now ready to enjoy the fruits of your writing labor. The more you write the better you get at it. One of the keys to good article writing is to write as though you would speak. We naturally tend to speak very smoothly and in a very understandable way. If you can translate this to your writing you can become a very influential person and successful writer.

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